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Soul Circle

For Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

Soul Circle is a four-week transformative experience where you can tap into the energy of passion and create more joy, fun, and adventure in your life. You'll discover how to create AWE moments in your life and wake up looking forward to the day. I'll be sharing the principles of the Law of Passion which I've learned over the last ten years. (Yes, you have to be Deaf/Hard of Hearing to join!) 

Soul Circle American Sign Language
Soul Circle Spoken English/Captioned
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Solange Skyer

I joined Karen Putz's Soul Circle. What an eye-opening experience this four-week coaching program gave me.

Each week, I learned specific information along with strategies to use to reinforce the information that was shared. This coaching program helped me to focus on how I want to spend my goals and purpose...and helped me take a hard look at what my passion is. 

If you want to experience more fun, joy, and adventure--if you want to better your life---this coaching program is for you. 

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Angie Kubiak


What impacted me the most is that I learned I need to take a look at myself more and see what I want to do in the future.

How did I transform from what I learned? I am more aggressive in trying to find a job, practicing my interviewing skills, pursuing guardianship for my son at the same time. I also learned that I need more "me time!"

Ana Price