Research Reveals Midlife is the Lowest Happiness Point

(For crying out loud, let's change that!)

Researchers at Dartmouth studied 35 years of data and discovered that happiness exists on a bell curve--with the highest point of the "blahs" happening smack dab in midlife. 


What Would Life Look Like If...

  • You were doing what you LOVE to do

  • You could ENJOY the age you are now--and beyond

  • You could wake up appreciating the bliss of another day

  • You could live your days with JOY

Do you feel like life could be better after the coronavirus pandemic is over?

Are you kind of dreading the years ahead?

Are you feeling stuck--as if you're living the same days over and over (even with the pandemic, you can change things!). 

If you're feeling stuck in midlife (or beyond that), I get it.

That's how I felt at 44.

You might be feeling like your best days are behind you. (I did.)

You might be looking back at your life and wishing that you had enjoyed it more, lived it more, and cherished it more--when you were younger. (I did.)

You might be looking ahead at life with dread, because you're only going to get older... (I did.)

Let me STOP you right there. 

Life is meant to be lived NOW. And right where you are. In the midst of this pandemic, you have opportunities to dream and become clear on HOW you want to live.

I was fortunate, I learned from a 66-year-old mentor who continues to teach me to this day (she's 76 now and riding a Jeep in the desert at the moment. Check out my TODAY Show segment to learn more.) 

I learned how to turn my life around using tools from the masters. I learned how to create a life around passion, joy, and adventure.

I want to share the same process with you.


I have a challenge for you. I want you to REINVENT your life. 

The MIdlife Reinvention Challenge is designed to help you gain a clear picture of how you want to LIVE your life. 

Five days. 

A new mindset.

A new outlook on life.

A new way of living.

That's right. 

Five days to create a whole new life so that the REST of your life is the BEST of your life. 

 (Oh come on, can you really transform your life in five days???)

Well, there's only one way to find out, right? 

You take the challenge, you implement the practices, and you see the results. 

Because what's the alternative?

Living the same old, same old life?


You were meant to tap into your PASSION and JOY. 

Yes, I'm Ready for a REINVENTION!

Karen Putz

Your Midlife Reinvention Challenge Mentor

What in the world is a "Passion Mentor?" 

I get that question a lot. 

I help people unwrap their passion at ANY age so they can create the life they truly want to live. 

My background is counseling (BS and MA) so my training is firmly in the helping profession. I'm a certified Passion Test Facilitator. 

I'm also the author of several books on passion, including Unwrapping Your Passion, Living with Passion, and The Passion Path Journal. 

I've interviewed over 200 people on the topic of passion and I've traveled worldwide talking about the gift of passion. I love helping people discover new ways to LIVE with passion.

Here's what Debra Poneman from Yes to Success has to say: 

“I knew that Karen was a phenomenal speaker but the day I discovered she was also a phenomenal coach changed my life. When I need someone to give me guidance on my life and career, there is absolutely no one more effective than Karen Putz. She seems to have a direct line to some infinite intelligence that speaks through her. I don’t know how else to explain her uncanny ability to come up with ideas and insights that are always out-of-the box, brilliant, and spot-on. She is a treasure and I feel blessed to have her as a trusted advisor and a friend.”


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