The Parenting Journey Raising Deaf and Hard of Hearing Kids

Confident parenting--even when the journey twists and turns! 

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"Prior to my first meeting with Karen, I was under extreme stress. My 15-year-old hard of hearing son needed more services. Karen began educating us on our rights. Karen helped us better understand how hearing loss can affect many things. We advocated for real-time captioning at school and my son graduated with honors. He's now an attorney with a thriving private practice. "

Betsy Abou Ezzi
Mom to Tony

Navigate the Parenting Journey Like a Pro!

A self-directed course for parents of deaf and hard of hearing kids. Here's what you'll learn:

Celebrate the Journey

Whether you're new to the journey or a seasoned parent, take the steps to find joy and celebrate the journey of parenting deaf and hard of hearing kids. 

Positive Parenting, Positive Kids

As a parent, you're going to lead the way for your child from birth onward. The first step is becoming a positive parent on the journey. 

The Mac & Cheese Story

The Mac & Cheese story-- understand how to plug up the holes in your child's acquisition of language and audio information.

Decisions, Decisions

There's no way around it... you gotta make decisions on the parenting journey. What should you do? How should you do it? Learn the Step-by Step Decision Process when you face choices. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

There's more than one way to do this parenting stuff. There's more than one way to raise a deaf/hard of hearing kid. Learn how to determine what fits your child and family best. 

When the Journey Turns

You've got it all planned out, then the journey turns. Putting support into place for those twists and turns. 

When I Grow Up...

So your deaf/hard of hearing kid wants to be a fireman... Or a doctor... Or...

Learn how to tap into the gift of a different ability and tap into your child's potential. 

Social Bluffing

Social bluffing--we all do it, but deaf and hard of hearing kids master this skill--to their disadvantage. Let's turn that around. 

IEP and 504 Meetings

Attend IEP Meetings with confidence. Learn the ONE question you can ask to deliver the results you need for your child. 

The Parenting Journey Course

Imagine sitting down and having coffee with a parent and finding support on the journey--that's what you'll find in this course. Emerge as a confident parent who knows how to navigate resources, advocate at an IEP meeting, and celebrate the journey of being a parent of a deaf/hard of hearing child. 


The Parenting Journey Course

Karen Putz, Your Course Guide

I'm a mom of three deaf and hard of hearing kids who are now young adults. Along the way, I learned how to find support, how to make decisions, how to navigate those twists and turns...

This course includes everything I wish I had known early on the journey--my experience as a parent would have been so much easier with this knowledge. 

  • How to make decisions from a place of confidence
  • Dealing with the twists and turns on the journey
  • The ONE question to ask your IEP team
  • and more!
The Parenting Journey Course

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a self-directed course--you can go at YOUR own pace! 

Each module covers one specific lesson through a video, worksheet, or tip sheet. 

This course has a natural sequencing--it is designed for parents new to the journey as well as parents with older children. 

Take what you need, leave the rest! 

This course covers: 

Feelings on the journey

How to make decisions

Why insignificant sounds are a big thing

Making language accessible

Navigating IEP meetings like a pro

Deaf and hard of hearing role models

How to tap into your child's potential

Karen Putz is: 

A mom to three deaf and hard of hearing children who are now young adults

Holds a BS and MA in Counseling and Rehabilitation Counseling

Has been working with families for over 30 years (yes, right out of college). 

Has worked in early intervention for 15 years. 

Has attended IEP meetings as an advocate for families. 

Has spoken worldwide on the topic of parenting deaf and hard of hearing children.

Currently employed at Hands & Voices as the Co-Director of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infusion

Author of multiple books, including "The Parenting Journey, Raising Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children" and "The Passionate Lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People."


The Parenting Journey Course

Learn how to navigate the parenting journey with confidence!


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