Anne Valle

Author of "Shadows of Deception"


Love and Friendship...

Or is it?

Tony and Shannon had a friendship that ran deep in high school. They each went their own way until they connected again years later.

Only this time, Tony was in prison. 

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Meet Anne Valle

(She's Karen Putz)

Deaf author of many non-fiction books. Now she's diving into fiction


What readers are saying...

Easy fast read. A fiction with twists and turns.

Diane Engberg

"OMG. The ending, whoa!”

Julie Rood

"It's incredible. The end shocked me.”

Raysllane Lima

"I enjoyed this book. Kept me in suspense. I hope to read more books by this talented author Anne Valle!

Deb Mussallem

This book is a page turner! I couldn't put it down. Definitely worth reading. Looking forward to the next one."

Lori Krakora

"Shadows of Deception by Anne Valle had a far more complex ending of a high school friendship between Shannon and Tony. After many years of being absent of each others lives to an ending that was not expected.
A GOOD read!"

Susan C. Mcleod

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