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The Best Books for Living a Great Life

"How do I live my best life?"

"How do I live with passion?"

This two are questions that I'm often asked by life coaching clients. I usually recommend a book or two during coaching sessions. I have shelves and shelves of books on the topics of passion, self-growth, and a variety of other "life improvement" topics. 


Here they are for you: 

Of course, I'm going to recommend the #1 book on passion. I may be a tad biased because I wrote it:

Unwrapping Your Passion, Creating the Life You Truly Want


Aspire by Kevin Hall

I met Kevin Hall on FaceBook many years ago when he commented on a barefooting photo. Kevin sent me a box of his books and I gave all of them away but one. Aspire is based on 11 words to live your life by. 


The Passion Test by Janet and Chris Attwood

My friend, Stephen Hopson recommended The Passion Test. I read the book in four hours while soaking in the bathtub. I was mesmerized by the test and surprised at my top five...

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Painting, Poetry, and Sunshine

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2023


On being human...

Every day, we can predict darkness and light. The earth rotates every 24 hours and delivers the dark/light pattern without fail. 

Some days are darker than others. 

Some nights are lighter than others. 

And so it is with life.

I started painting again. In the process, I found some old paintings that I had tucked away in a pile. One of them was this yellow sunflower.


When I first painted it, I couldn't quite see its beauty. I just saw some yellow paint and an attempt to copy a real sunflower that I was looking at. 

I felt like I came up dismally short at the time. 

So it went in a pile of discards.

But pulling out the second time, I see it with different eyes. Looking at it inspired a poem that simply poured out: 

I look for sunshine
Because I’ve seen too much sorrow
In a soul that’s broken
By harsh words and judgements
And the sunshine delivers the balm
Which grow sunflowers
That brighten a field
Shrouded in...

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How Do I Find My Passion?

“How do I find my passion?”

That’s the number one question that people come to me seeking the answer for.

My answer is simple:

You create it. You create your own Passion Path.

Passion is an energy that is a gift in your life. The thing is, most people never take the bow off. They never unwrap the gift.

Or sometimes they do, but then they put the gift on a back shelf in a closet–and forget about it.

So after working with many people on the process of unwrapping the gift of passion–I created a way to tap into the energy of passion on a daily basis:

The Passion Path.

The Passion Path is a daily journal with three parts: A question to ponder, actions to take, and a practice of daily gratitude.

There is power in writing your thoughts and creating a daily habit that brings in a positive energy into your life. When you create this new path, you set passion in motion.

Does it work?


Edie created a Passion Path by taking up dance lessons again following an...

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