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The Best Books for Living a Great Life

"How do I live my best life?"

"How do I live with passion?"

This two are questions that I'm often asked by life coaching clients. I usually recommend a book or two during coaching sessions. I have shelves and shelves of books on the topics of passion, self-growth, and a variety of other "life improvement" topics. 


Here they are for you: 

Of course, I'm going to recommend the #1 book on passion. I may be a tad biased because I wrote it:

Unwrapping Your Passion, Creating the Life You Truly Want


Aspire by Kevin Hall

I met Kevin Hall on FaceBook many years ago when he commented on a barefooting photo. Kevin sent me a box of his books and I gave all of them away but one. Aspire is based on 11 words to live your life by. 


The Passion Test by Janet and Chris Attwood

My friend, Stephen Hopson recommended The Passion Test. I read the book in four hours while soaking in the bathtub. I was mesmerized by the test and surprised at my top five results. ALL of it came true the first year. I became a Passion Test Facilitator and have given hundreds and hundreds of Passion Tests throughout the years. 


Passion and Purpose by Amy McClaren

Amy packs a lot of wisdom in this book and weaves her own stories throughout. Her path to passion and purpose began when she questioned her job and noticed her joy coming up via a different path. Once she made the leap, life opened up in unexpected ways. 


How to Life a Good Life by Jonathan Fields

Jonathan and I were in the same movie--I'm Fine, Thanks. His book shows how to fill up your life buckets in ways that are enjoyable and memorable. 


The Greatness Mindset: Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Live Your Best Life by Lewis Howes

I attended Lewis Howe's Summit of Greatness workshop one year and loved his energy and wisdom! This guy interviews some awesome people and always shares a lot of deep wisdom. He stopped to share some love, too! 

 No More Dreaded Mondays by Dan Miller

Dan Miller has been a personal friend and I've gone to several of his workshops. Dan is living the kind of life that many of us wish we could enjoy--deep, meaningful work with time to truly enjoy life. That's why I recommend his book so much. If you create a life you love, you won't dread Mondays. 

Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols packs a lot of hope and encouragement in her book, Abundance Now. She's lived through the steps she takes her readers through to reach an abundant state of mind. Lisa went from barely having any money to abundance--and not just with money. 


The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

At first, this may not seem like a book for a person who is not an artist, but you'll soon see why-- it is a book on how to live with contentment and intention. I read this long before I picked up a paintbrush and actually called myself an artist. A classic. 


Happy Money by Ken Honda

Ken Honda has such a unique approach to the mindset of money that he'll have you saying "Arigato in, Arigato out" in no time. I had the fortunate opportunity to have lunch with Ken during his visit to New York City and it was such a fun, engaging time! 

These are just a few of my favorites that I turn to time and time again. 







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