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Live YOUR Passion

All the tools you need to create a passionate life! 

The Time is NOW

Are you sleepwalking through life?

Are you tired as soon as you wake up?

Are you stuck in the same-old, same-old routines? 

It's time to unwrap your passion and create a life of fun and adventure! Don't put off living for "Someday," (there's no Someday on any calendar in the world.)

What does your heart desire? What kind of life do you want to live? Those are two questions you should be asking yourself--because the answer to those questions hold the clues to moving forward.. 

Live YOUR passion, not someone else's. 

Your Passion Mentor 

Welcome to The Passion School! I'm Karen Putz, I'll be your Passion Mentor on this journey--if you choose to begin!. I've spent the last several years studying this thing we call "passion" and I've learned a thing or two!

My background is in counseling (BS and MA) and I'm an INFJ/Type 2. I'm the author of "Unwrapping Your Passion, Creating the Life You Truly Want" and a Certified Passion Test Facilitator. I talk about passion on the Today Show and in O Magazine.

Everything I've learned about passion has enabled me to live a truly remarkable life--and one that I love! Ever since learning the secrets to a passionate life, I have been able to experience what I call AWE moments:

Ziplining in Costa Rica on an art retreat.

Riding a tram up a mountain in Austria.

Barefoot water skiing with World Champions.

Seeing zebras up close on a safari in South Africa.

Hiking mountains in Colorado.

Kayaking in beautiful places.

Moving to our dream home.

What would YOUR remarkable life look like for you?

The Passion School is designed to help you ditch mediocrity and lead you to live YOUR passion--after all, life is way too short to be sleepwalking through it! 



More about Karen

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How do you begin to live YOUR passion?

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22 Lessons to Create a Passionate Life

After ten years of studying "PASSION," I've discovered 22 lessons that will help you create the life you truly want. Don't live someone else's passion, live YOURS. 

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Start YOUR Passionate Life

Are you ready to unwrap your passion and live the life you truly want--BUT don't know where to begin? Book a complimentary 30-minute Passion Session with Karen!

"I knew that Karen was a phenomenal speaker but the day I discovered she was also a phenomenal coach changed my life. When I need someone to give me guidance on my life and career, there is absolutely no one more effective than Karen Putz. She seems to have a direct line to some infinite intelligence that speaks through her. I don’t know how else to explain her uncanny ability to come up with ideas and insights that are always out-of-the box, brilliant and spot-on. She is a treasure and I feel blessed to have her as a trusted advisor and a friend."

Debra Poneman
Bestselling author and founder, Yes to Success Seminars

Unwrapping Your Passion, Creating the Life You Truly Want


What would life be like if you were living it with passion? 


Yes, I Want the Book!

"After quizzing Karen about passion and then scoffing about the Passion Test, I later admitted to Karen that I was curious about what a Passion Test could possibly “reveal”. Riding our tandem bike with my husband came up when I did the Passion Test. I had my husband do the Passion Test (without sharing what came up on my test) and riding was one of his passions. With coaching from Karen, the idea of riding 12 months a year came up. My husband was thrilled, as it gave him an excuse to buy “snow tires” for our bike. We love biking enough to ride every month in the mountains-- through cold, snow, rain, wind and heat! We are now on three years of year-round biking. December is upon us and once again we will be riding with smiles on New Year’s Eve to wrap up one year and welcome another. Twelve months of great rides. That’s passion."

Stephanie Olson
Colorado Biker

The Passion Path Journal

 A daily guide with introspective questions to determine HOW you really want to live--with passion! 


Yes, I Want the Book!

"Karen is by my side is like finding a treasure. As coach, friend, sister she makes me find and use my senses to the full. Who knew I had so many untapped resources? Thank you Karen for opening my eyes. I am so excited being on this ride with you!"


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