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Live YOUR Passion

What does "PASSION" mean to you?

Is it the fire in the belly? Is it the quiet nudging of your heart?

Are you living it daily? 


I'm Karen Putz (yes, I married a Putz--he's a nice one!)--and I help people unwrap their passion at any age. (Yes, ANY age.)

What makes me qualified to teach this stuff about "passion?"

Well, a couple of years ago, I was sleepwalking through life, but I didn't know it. Maybe you feel that way now? Like one day is blending into the next and you're longing for something more--but you don't know what that "more" is? 

Yup, that was me. 

Life was good, but it was ho-hum.

Then one day, I re-discovered a long-buried passion for the sport of barefoot water skiing--a sport that I loved when I was a teen. 

Except now I was 44 years old and I figured I was too old and out of shape to even think about barefooting again. I got lucky--a 66-year-old mentor came into my life and showed me how to unwrap my passion again.

You can, too. 

More fun. More adventures. More...passion. What would you life look like if you could tap into your unique gifts and create the life you truly want?

As a Passion Mentor, I will help you unwrap those gifts inside of you. 


Grab a seat at The Passion School. It's the school of life--where you never stop learning! 

Here's to YOUR passion! 


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