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How Do I Find My Passion?

“How do I find my passion?”

That’s the number one question that people come to me seeking the answer for.

My answer is simple:

You create it. You create your own Passion Path.

Passion is an energy that is a gift in your life. The thing is, most people never take the bow off. They never unwrap the gift.

Or sometimes they do, but then they put the gift on a back shelf in a closet–and forget about it.

So after working with many people on the process of unwrapping the gift of passion–I created a way to tap into the energy of passion on a daily basis:

The Passion Path.

The Passion Path is a daily journal with three parts: A question to ponder, actions to take, and a practice of daily gratitude.

There is power in writing your thoughts and creating a daily habit that brings in a positive energy into your life. When you create this new path, you set passion in motion.

Does it work?


Edie created a Passion Path by taking up dance lessons again following an...

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