Create a life that you LOVE

Design Your Passion Path with The Passion Bundle


Live YOUR Passion! 

Unlock the secrets to LOVING the years ahead and experincing JOY, BLISS, and FUN

Yes, I want the Passion Bundle!

More joy. More fun. More peace. More money. More time. More adventure. More love. More PASSION.

What do YOU want MORE of?

Living YOUR Passion

Imagine creating a remarkable life that you LOVE. Design a life path that includes experiencing more JOY, FUN, and PASSION!

How would you FEEL if you could live your life in such a way that you have few regrets in your lifetime...

How would you FEEL if you could look forward to the years ahead with excitement and hope?

How would you FEEL if you could tap into JOY?

Grab the Passion Bundle and transform the years ahead of you with JOY! 

The Passion Bundle includes three courses that you can experience at your own pace: 

Unwrap Your Passion

Learn the step-by-step process of identifying your top FIVE passions and the plan to live YOUR passion. Wake up to a life you LOVE.

Experience an Ultimate Adventure Through a Passion Quest

Now that you've identified your passion, create a quest filled with fun, joy, and adventure! You'll create AWE moments and a lifetime of amazing memories.

Your Passion Mentor

I'm Karen Putz (yes, I married one!) and I help people unwrap their passion at any age. 

What does that really mean?

It means that when you unwrap the gift of passion within you-- you can create a life filled with more JOY, FUN, and ADVENTURE.

You see, I've been studying "passion" for ten years now. I can teach you how to tap into that wonderful energy.

And no, you don't have to be rich, famous, or have everything in place to live YOUR passion. With the Passion Bundle (Unwrap Your Passion, Create Your Passion Quest, and Get Paid to Play) you'll create and design your own Passion Path--a path in life that you LOVE to be on! 

Life is meant to be lived FULLY. 

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Stephanie Olson

After quizzing Karen about passion and then scoffing about the Passion Test, I later admitted to Karen that I was curious about what a Passion Test could possibly “reveal”.

Riding our tandem bike with my husband came up when I did the
Passion Test. I had my husband do the Passion Test (without sharing what came up on my test) and riding was one of his passions.

With coaching from Karen, the idea of riding 12 months a year came up. My husband was thrilled, as it gave him an excuse to buy “snow tires” for our bike. We love biking enough to ride every month in the mountains-- through cold, snow, rain, wind and heat! We are now on three years of year-round biking. December is upon us and once again we will be riding with smiles on New Year’s Eve to wrap up one year and welcome another. Twelve months of great rides. That’s passion.

Is Passion Bundle right for you?

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David Creel

Karen does a great job laying out the content in a manner and style that is easy to follow, understand, and more importantly, take action on! Her knowledge on the subject of passion really comes out in the courses. "If" you are "feeling stuck" as to what your passions are (and how to get more of them into your life), get this bundle....immediately. You won't regret it!

Dee Ann Piercy Schautz, Spur Us On

Through personal testimony and easy to use guides, Karen will teach you how to find your passion and how to live anything but an ordinary life.

Marianne Renner, author of Chaos to Clarity Success Journal

If you feel stuck and unable to move forward, Karen will help you turn everything around. She is supportive and encouraging. And she knows just how to gently push you out of complacency.

Karen will help you find that passion within that may be sitting dormant and create a flame that sets your soul on fire!