Get Paid to Play

Imagine Getting Paid to Do Stuff that You LOVE to Do. 

The opportunity to travel.

The opportunity to explore.

The opportunity to have fun.

Yes, I Want to Know!

There are Many Ways to Get Paid to Play

I've been doing this "Paid to Play" stuff for awhile. 

I stumbled into it by reviving my old passion for the sport of barefoot water skiing at the age of 44.


I needed money to play! 

I learned different ways to get paid--so that I could play. The photo that you see, that's me getting paid to play at Canyon Ranch, a resort that was on my vision board.

I've played in several countries around the world and I'm currently on a quest to barefoot water ski in 50 states. 

I've put everything I know into this course, so that you can get paid to play, too! 

" "Get Paid To Play" will help any performer or presenter learn how to connect with companies and create ways for you to get paid. Imagine doing something you love and being paid for doing it. Well, if you take this course, and do what Karen suggests, this can surely happen!"

Tom Padovano

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