You don't have to dread growing older

The second half of life can be the BEST half, as Judy Myers teaches in this book. Learn how you can transform midlife (and beyond) and ROCK the rest of your life. 

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It's no fun growing older...or is it?

Judy Myers is known as the "Old Lady." She's proud of that nickname, because she's anything but old. 

Judy discovered a brand new sport in her 50's and took up competition. Today, she's in her 80's and enjoying every bit of life. She wakes up looking forward to each day--and YOU can too! 

In "Lessons from an Old Lady," Judy shares the steps you can take to create an amazing life in midlife and beyond. 

This is not a book about sports or becoming an athlete. Instead, it's about discovering your dreams and realizing that as long as you're breathing, you are LIVING! What better way to live than to live YOUR passion!


  • The second half of life doesn't have to be mediocre--you can create a life of fun, joy, and adventure--you just need this secret ingredient!
  • You can pursue the stuff you're passionate about--at ANY age. (And we'll show you how.)
  • Mentors can make the difference between stumbling and thriving. Learn how to surround yourself with people who uplift you. 

Grab a copy of "Lessons from an Old Lady" and create your own midlife (and beyond) pivot! 


Yes, I'm Ready to ROCK Midlife and Beyond!