Are you hitting the snooze button twenty times in a row on the days you have to get up for work?


What if you woke up to a PASSIONATE life?

Imagine waking up with excitement in anticipation of the day.

What would it be like to LOVE Mondays instead of dreading them? 

 What if you could design a life around the things you ENJOY doing?

What if you had more TIME freedom to do what you love?

What if you could do all of this without quitting your job (unless you want to)? 

A few years ago, I was going through the routine of life without much thought. I was a busy mom of three kids, working a full-time job in sales and volunteering for a non-profit organization. 

Something was missing from my life, but I wasn't sure what. Life was good, but it was just "ho-hum."  I knew that I was sleepwalking through my routines but I wasn't sure how to change things. 

Then out of the blue, I discovered the magic energy that was absent: 


In the process of studying "passion," I consulted gurus, experts, professionals, and instructors. 

I also talked to everyone I knew to find out how THEY tapped into their passion and created so much fun in their lives. 

And what I learned surprised me. I had to share what I learned, because my own life changed like crazy once I tapped into the energy of passion! 

Yours will change, too! 

Here's what happened after I discovered how to live with passion: 

Became an international speaker.

Went sailing for a week and docked on four islands. 

Dove deep into writing--I wrote for Chicago Tribune, online sites, and authored several books. 

Barefoot water skied and trained with World Barefoot Champions. 

Sat on an alligator (I had to face my fears).

Took a trip to Austria and explored the country of my husband's family.

And so much more! 

How about you?

What makes your heart sing?

What do you WISH you could do?

HOW do you want to live?

Are you ready to live with PASSION? 


Are you ready to turn your ordinary life into an extraordinary one?'ve been sleepwalking through life.

If...Mondays are not your favorite day of the week.'re caught up in the "same old, same old routine." is good, but you're longing for something MORE--but you're not sure what that is. 

It's time to kick mediocrity to the curb and UNWRAP your PASSION!

Yes, I want to create an extraordinary life!

"I don’t think I can fully express in words just how much I absolutely loved the course. I committed myself to each question Karen posed. Some of the answers I already ‘knew’, but I wanted to commit myself on paper, here and now. Others I dug deep and answered. Either way, I can honestly say, I am better because of this experience. Richer happiness is found when you know your purpose and your passion and then live it to the fullest. I just don’t know how to end this moment. It’s a really special feeling. But I guess this feeling is not to be ended- it’s to be lived. That’s what I am committed to do. My true internal happiness barometer is off the charts right now. And I am grateful!" "

Susan Layton

"Karen does a great job laying out the content in a manner and style that is easy to follow, understand, and more importantly, take action on! Her knowledge on this subject really comes out in the course. "If" you are "feeling stuck" as to what your passions are (and how to get more of them into your life), take this course....immediately. You won't regret it!"

David Creel

"In the course, “Unwrap Your Passion”, Karen Putz shares the fascinating journey she took to unlock her passion. Through personal testimony and easy to use guides, Karen will teach you how to find your passion and how to live anything but an ordinary life."

Dee Ann Piercy Schnautz

"Unwrap Your Passion is a GREAT program! Simple and yet EASY PEASY for even an easily distracted, "oh look its a squirrel!", type like me.... Easy to follow, and it's STILL A DEEP DIVE! Do not equal easy as superficial. Some parts ARE HARD to do, but that's where the WORK is."

Carol Cannon
Massage Therapist

What You'll LEARN in this Course to Unwrap YOUR Passion:

  • The THREE clues that help you identify what brings you joy
  • The Passion Process--to help you gain clarity and understand HOW you want to live
  • The secret to creating a life you love
  • The signposts that show you are aligned with your soul path
  • Your top five passions and a plan to put them in action
  • And the steps to turn your ordinary life into an extraordinary one! 

18 step-by-step video modules, worksheets, and resources to create the passionate life YOU truly want. 

Karen Putz, Your Passion Mentor

I'll be your guide on this journey transforming your life by unwrapping your passion.

What makes me qualified? Well, a couple of years ago, I rediscovered a long-buried passion for the sport of barefoot water skiing. 

The minute I put my feet back on the water (at the age of 44), a familiar feeling came flooding back.


Since then, I've studied the topic of passion in depth. I've been featured on the TODAY Show and in O magazine talking about...passion! 

I am a certified Passion Test Facilitator and I've taught extensively on this topic. (I trained with Janet Attwood, author of The Passion Test). My book, Unwrapping Your Passion, Creating the Life You Truly Want, was a top ten finalist in the Author Academy awards. 

This course takes YOU on a personal journey to tap into the energy of passion and unwrap your own gifts. Once you do, you'll live life like never before!

What is that worth to you--to be able to enjoy each day with passion? 

Yes, Gimme the Passion Course!

"About four years ago, Karen introduced me to the Passion Test. It was at time in my life when I was grappling with what to do with my career and unrealized dreams. Karen told me about a process that could help prioritize my dreams, desires and goals. At the end of the exercise, five of my passions had risen to the surface. These were passions that I always knew were there but were buried beneath feelings of being overwhelmed, busy and lack of belief. I hung my passion test on my office wall and did one thing toward each goal daily. Four years later, I am a published author, international speaker, involved in incredible mentoring relationships reciprocally. Four passions being actively lived out. One more to come! Once you reach your passion, it doesn’t stop there. You keep walking in your passion and watch things fall into place you’d never imagine. Having a benchmark to drive for is just the beginning. The test provided the foundation for the work one must do to build upon your dreams. Karen Putz is an amazing facilitator, compassionate teacher and challenging mentor. She gave me tools to get unstuck, the support to do the hard work myself and held a mirror up to show me the potential I could achieve. "

Djenne-amal Morris
Author/Consultant/Public Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a self-directed course that takes you step-by-step through the Passion Process. 

You will gain clarity about what brings you true joy and create a blueprint to put your passion into action. 

If you go through each lesson and deeply look within, you'll discover HOW you truly want to live your life. 

The actions you take will determine your outcome. The habits you create as a result of this course will determine the change that occurs. 

This is the same process I've used to design a life I enjoy. The steps and the process, when applied to your life, will create a new paradigm shift in how you tap into your joy and passion. 

There are eighteen modules consisting of videos, worksheets, tips, and a hefty dose of passionate encouragement. 

There is no deadline. 

This is a self-directed course, which means you have access to ALL the modules at once. You can go through them at your own pace and use them over and over. 

Are You Ready to Unwrap YOUR Passion?


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